I am the Secretary for the Ft Lupton Muzzle Loading Club and I am writing to make you aware of a change in the days for FLMLC's monthly shoots.

Effective 1 Jan 2019, both the 'paper' and the 'fun' shoots will be on Saturdays.  The second Saturday will be the paper shoot and the third Saturday is the fun shoot.  As in the past, these montly shoots may be canceled or supersceeded by special events.  I try to list all events on the FLMLC web calendar, but sometimes there can be a delay in updating.   Still always good for folks to check our calendar page.

I am mentioning this because word has reached us that the CSMLA website and/or newsletter gives the 'old' schedule.  If you do give the schedule (which we appreciate!), can the information please be updated?

If I have not picked the right CSMLA officers off the website listing to inform of this change, can you please forward to whomever is appropriate?

As minder of the FLMLC calendar, I consult the CSMLA  website for events to cross list.  But please feel free to contact me directly at this email with items that you think I should put on the FLMLC calendar.   I have been trying to put in links to flyers, so webaddresses are welcome.


Neil Peacock