Wildlife Report

The next meeting of the Parks and Wildlife Commission is in Denver, Wednesday and Thursday, January 9 - 10, 6060 NorthBroadway.

Meeting agenda & staff reports:  


Interesting new item for 2020 - (under meeting materials see page 21 of W-2 Big Game, red text) where leftover licenses for elk, deer, bear and pronghorns would go into a second draw if enough remain to cover admin costs, after that, any remaining go into over-the-counter sales.  Not sure how this was managed previously, did the leftovers go into over-the-counter sales?  I believe yes.

The ISE Sportsmen's Show is at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, January 10 - 13.

Best, Dave McCord, Wildlife Director

new survey

Help CSMLA understand your muzzle loading preferences and practices related to hunting sports. Your responses are anonymous and will be aggregated with all other results. Results will be published in the Poke-N-Stroke and presented to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to improve their knowledge about the muzzle loading community hunting sports preferences and practices.

Pleae look at the draft of the survey and give us feedback so we can get this up and running